Our vision

To assist in enhancing the growth of the African community by converting great ideas into physical reality so as to elevate African infrastructure to world standards through innovation, while committing and staying accountable to our partners at all times.

Our organisational objective

To create a multi-disciplinary conglomerate that deals with all service aspects of the built environment throughout the entire African community in order to effect change to those that don’t have, as well as those that do have.

When choosing to design a house, there is no shortage of architectural practices from which to choose. On the surface, Juxtapose provides ideas and solutions, not dissimilar to their competitors. But, like a well-structured house, what you see is not always what you get. Juxtapose provides more than plans; it provides knowledge.

“In every interaction that Juxtapose has with its clients, we ensure that we impart some kind of knowledge that will be useful for them,” explains Tumelo. He believes that clients need to understand what it is they are going to achieve with the problem they wish Juxtapose to solve.

Tumelo continues: “The client wants a house; we provide an education so that the client understands why we have chosen a particular orientation and why there must be a certain type of floor. We sell more than building plans. Juxtapose makes sure that our clients understand that what they are about to embark on is an investment that needs to function in a particular way.”

Clients trust in what Juxtapose offers and are willing to pay for that trust. “We’re not just about the numbers,” says Tumelo. “We want to make sure that our clients are a good fit with what we are trying to achieve – which is to provide good solutions for the environment,” he adds. Juxtapose offers a full-service offering. When you choose Juxtapose, there is no need to seek out town planners, engineers or quantity surveyors. Juxtapose ensures that full approval is in place before you start building, and that you are armed with a good estimate of the required budget to achieve your dream home and office space or outdoor billboard.